Basava's Story

  Basava's Story


Basava’s Story

‘Basava’ was a lame pony, found wandering around the streets of Basavanagudi, Bangalore amidst traffic and chaos in September 2011. It was discovered that ‘Basava’ had a case of ‘Ankolysis’ in his front right knee bone (the bone movement is severely restricted).


This animal, which has helped the economic activities of Bangalore, for many years certainly deserved to be a beneficiary under our Project Atonement.


Status as of Today: ‘Basava’ is now at Krupa Loving Animals in the company of 5 other equines and is enjoying his retired life. He is good friends with our first adopted pony, ‘Survivor’.


Basava munching carrots


Sponsors: ‘Basava’ is permanently sponsored by Philip Wollen and Trix Wollen from the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust; he was also adopted for the month of November 2011 by our well-wishers Shreyas Jayakumar and Shane Jacob.


Basava. with Sultan and Survivor in the backdrop


 Basava (L) and Survivor (R) with the Krupa dogs