Westend's Story

  Westend's Story


Westend’s Story

In January 2013, we received a call regarding an immobile pony in front of Taj Westend, Race Course Road. The pony had a limp; wobbly gait and was undernourished. He also had severe inflammation in his genital area. He was moved to Palace Grounds the same day. He is being administered medication for his inflammation.

Westend at Palace Grounds


Status as of Today: ‘Westend’ lives in the company of our other rescued and adopted ponies at Krupa Loving Animals Shelter. He has made good friends with ‘Bronco’.

Recently, Bronco, who was inseperable from Biscuit, has found a new friend in Westend!

Westend (L); Bronco (R)


Sponsors: ‘Westend’  is sponsored by the Late MA Prakash Trust  till January 2014.  He is yet to find a permanent sponsor.