Bangalore's Story

  Bangalore's Story



Bangalore’s Story

In November 2012 we received a call about a pony wandering near the Metro Station at CMH Road, Indiranagar. The pony was temporarily adopted by a tent house owner and was named ‘Bangalore’ by the tent house owner’s son. ‘Bangalore’ seemed to have a problem with his hip area. Due to our lack of space, two weeks of feed were handed over as a temporary arrangement for ‘Bangalore’. The Indiranagar citizens did their bit to keep Bangalore for a few days. ‘Bangalore’ was subsequently moved to a portion of Palace Grounds belonging to our well-wisher and hoof care advisor Rudrapratap Singh.


 Bangalore at Palace Grounds


Status as of Today: ‘Bangalore’ now lives a happy and peaceful life away from the bustling city roads. He lives in the company of our other adopted and rescued equines at Krupa Loving Animals Shelter. He is one of the most boisterous ponies of SAMABHAVA.


Bangalore, with Toby and Goodboy in the backdrop


Sponsors: ‘Bangalore’ was sponsored by Trixi Menhardt till July 2013.