Senator's Story

  Senator's Story


Senator’s Story

On 8th June, 2013, one of our caretakers informed us about a pony grazing in Palace Grounds premises – not very far from where we have a few of our equines sheltered in the premises of Rudrapratap Singh’s family. His rear legs seemed to stretch outwards, from the knee downwards. His discomfort was evident. He was named ‘Senator’ and adopted by us. He has a very unique, never-seen-before moustache!


Senator, the day he was found.

Our Hoof-care advisor, Rudrapratap Singh; and caretaker, Keysraj look on.

Status as of Today: He was housed at our Palace Grounds shelter (at our hoof advisor & well-wisher Rudrapratap Singh’s premises). He has been shifted to Krupa Shelter.


Senator, with his characteristic moustache!    Senator interacting with a donkey named Mo!      


Sponsor: Bill Forge Private Limited, a leading automotive component manufacturing company has pledged to sponsor ‘Senator’ for life.