Yolo's Story

  Yolo's Story


Yolo’s Story

Yolo, an abandoned ex-working pony was included in our Project Atonement Scheme in May 2013. Owing to an alarm raised by Mrs Vidya Bhonsle and Yamika Damani, an animal lover, we decided to adopt Yolo. Yolo has a weak back and stifle area and needs time and a planned exercise schedule to recuperate. He was named by his sponsors as Yolo, which is an abbreviation for ‘You Only Live Once’.



Status as of Today: Yolo is now in the company of three of our other adopted equines at Palace Grounds. He is still getting used to a free environment as opposed to the harsh life he had on the streets.


Yolo (R) grazing with Bell (L)


Sponsor: Yamika Damani and her sister Yuvna Damani have pledged to be Yolo’s permanent sponsors.


Yolo being taken for a walk