Bell's Story

  Bell's Story



Bell’s Story

On 6th May, 2013 evening, SAMABHAVA received a call about a pony (hitched to its cart) that had collapsed on New BEL road.

It seemed that the driver had overloaded the cart, and had made the pony transport about 750 odd kgs. The pony was immobile and had lost a large part of the fur on his hind legs.


After several examinations by our veterinarians, it was confirmed to be a case of Sacral ligament damage.  4 to 6 months of rest, coupled with some minor exercise, should help the pony return to normalcy.



                                                  Bell being bathed by our caretaker, Rajesh, for a flea infection


Status as of Today: Bell is now able to strut around and is recovering well. He even attempts to gallop at times.

Sponsor: Bill Forge Private Limited, a leading automotive component manufacturing company has pledged to sponsor ‘Bell’ for life.


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