Toby's Story

  Toby's Story


Toby’s Story

‘Toby’ was rescued by an NGO – Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Sanstha – on 19th September night from one of the streets of Frazer town. ‘Toby’ has a twisted fetlock joint (ankle) on the right leg and the hooves on his front two legs were also overgrown, deformed and infested with maggots.



Status as of Today: ‘Toby’ is now at a portion of Palace Grounds belonging to our well-wisher and hoof care advisor Rudrapratap Singh. He lives in the company of our other rescued ponies and horses. ‘Toby’ loves to sleep and roll about in the cool mud! At present, he is being treated for a hoof infection and is showing gradual signs of improvement.  



Sponsors: ‘Toby’ is sponsored for life by another one of our important well-wishers, Deanna Widner, Bangalore.


Toby (R) with Goodboy (L)


Toby is seen wearing a shoe. The hoof which is recovering requires the protection of this shoe due to its sensitive state