Bronco's Story

  Bronco's Story


Bronco’s Story

Bronco’ was spotted near Cubbon Park in June 2012. One of our well-wisher’s and ‘Bronco’s’ first sponsor Juhi Sheth, led ‘Bronco’ to the footpath as he was in the midst of bustling traffic. For the next three months, six attempts to catch ‘Bronco’ were all in vain. ‘Bronco’ was allegedly used in street racing and had probably suffered a history of abuse due to which catching him was a tedious task. The seventh attempt was finally a success, after which he was moved to Krupa Loving Animals shelter.


Bronco at Cubbon Park



Status as of Today: ‘Bronco’ is happy in the company of our other rescued equines at Krupa Loving Animals. He is currently bonding with new ponies since his best friend ‘Biscuit’ has been shifted to our other shelter for intensive treatment. ‘Bronco’ loves bread, and a handful of bread is the best way to befriend him!



Bronco with Zuma                         Bronco (R) with his best friend Biscuit


Sponsors: ‘Bronco’s’ was sponsored by Juhi Sheth and her brother Abhishek Sheth from October 2012 - February 2013. Nirupa Rao, the sponsor of ‘Biscuit’ has adopted ‘Bronco’ since March 2013.



                                              Bronco with Westend at Krupa