Biscuit's Story

  Biscuit's Story


Biscuit’s Story

‘Biscuit’ – an abused former ceremonial horse was rescued in July 2012. ‘Biscuit’ had overgrown hooves. Such a deformity occurs when a horse is not cared for. He is said to have been used in Kannada movies. It is extremely appalling that he was doomed to a life of misery after being used for profit. His hooves are regularly trimmed and he now lives a life of dignity.

Biscuit when rescued was malnourished and weak


Biscuit’ was living at Krupa Loving Animals. He was best friends with another one of our rescued horses named ‘Bronco’. ‘Bronco’ is extremely protective of ‘Biscuit’ and the two were inseparable. Biscuit’ was later moved to our shelter at Palace Grounds for intensive treatment due to a hoof condition called ‘Canker’.

Biscuit at Krupa


Sponsors: Our well-wisher, Nirupa Rao is the life-time sponsor for ‘Biscuit’.



Biscuit with his best friend Bronco. The two are inseperable!



Biscuit was shifted to Palace Grounds for treatment where he was offered shoes sometimes that he could roam about freely. In his last few months, he was diagnosed with a failing liver. After due consultations with horse experts, veterinarians and the sponsor, he was put to rest on October 12th 2014, a few weeks after his health worsened to a point that he could not even get up, without falling down erratically.