Parinda's Story

  Parinda's Story


Parinda’s Story

‘Parinda’, a pony with a major spinal cord injury was rescued from Banashankari area in April 2012. His spinal cord injury was so grave that he was unable to stand by himself for a few days. He was apparently attacked by a buffalo.



Parinda at Krupa


The Kiwi Care Team (a team of specialized equine experts and veterinarians) from New Zealand, who worked with us in April 2013 strongly suggested that we euthanize Parinda owing to his intolerable and extended suffering. The KCT Team’s diagnosis suggested a likely femoral fracture. Parinda was laid to rest on 28th April, 2013.



Status as of Today: ‘Parinda’ was at Krupa Loving Animals with six other equines and was best friends with ‘Survivor’, our very first rescue. He was a unique pony because of his long and characteristic mane. He lived at Krupa under SAMABHAVA’s care for one year.



Parinda's characteristic was his beautiful long mane, which was unlike any of our other ponies


Sponsors: ‘Parinda’ was sponsored for life by Deepak Nainini of The Happy Donkey Sanctuary.