Sultan's Story

  Sultan's Story


Sultan’s Story

In November 2012, ‘Sultan’ was found amidst heavy traffic on the streets of Banashankari. He suffers from a deadly and extremely painful hoof disease called ‘Founder’ or ‘Laminitis’ (this condition occurs when there is inflammation of the laminae (folds of tissue connecting the pedal bone to the hoof). He was barely able to walk. We took him in our care and began corrective therapy under the guidance of our Hoof Care Advisor, Rudrapratap Singh.


Sultan at Krupa                                                             Sultan's abnormal hooves  


Status as of Today: ‘Sultan’ is now at Krupa Loving Animals shelter where he enjoys the green grass under his hooves instead of the traffic infested tarmac roads.

Sponsors: ‘Sultan’ is sponsored by one of our very important well-wishers and supporters, Sandhya Acharya and her husband Ravi Prakash. 


Sultan (L) with Survivor (R)


Sultan (L) playing with Survivor (R), while the Krupa caretaker Teknath tries to discipline them!!