Bahadur's Story

  Bahadur's Story


Bahadur’s Story

Due to his old age, ‘Bahadur’ was abandoned by his caretaker on the streets of Goripalya in 2011. Owing to his old age, we decided to try and give him a life as natural as possible, away from the busy streets of the city. ‘Bahadur’ was shifted to Krupa Loving Animals after rescue.

Bahadur at Krupa


Status as of Today:

On 4th October, 2011, ‘Bahadur’ passed away. Upon investigation, and in the absence of any credible evidence of an unnatural/accidental death, we incur he died a natural death owing to his old age. He was about 26 years old. 

Sponsors: He was sponsored by Biswaksen Bandhopadhyay, who  is also ‘Survivor’s’ sponsor.

Bahadur and Survivor