Ganesha's Story

  Ganesha's Story


Ganesha’s Story

Following his caretaker’s death, ‘Ganesha’, an 18+ year old pony, was abandoned on the streets of Banashankari about 10 years ago.


We received three calls about him in the span of two months. We were unable to track him in the first two attempts. Luckily, we were successful in the third attempt. Taking into consideration his age, he was shifted to a shelter at Palace Grounds.

Status as of today: Due to his age, Ganesha is less mobile. However, he is in good health aside from a hoof infection that was treated recently. He is now at Rare Earth Farm, off Kanakpura Road in the company of another one of our adopted ponies named ‘Peppermint’.

Sponsors:Ganesha’ is sponsored by Samyukta Lakshmi & Aditya Gurudev Urs, Bangalore.

Ganesha at Rare Earth Farm



Ganesha caught in a very rare posture!

Ganesha (L) with Peppermint at Rare Earth Farm