Goodboy's Story

  Goodboy's Story


Goodboy’s Story

Goodboy was a very special ‘Kathiawari’ horse. He was differently-abled and had a twisted fetlock joint at his right fore-limb. Due to his ‘gait’, Goodboy, who was a tender 1 year old when we found him, was rendered worthless as a working animal. He was to be traded for breeding purposes. Chances of his having a life of dignity were bleak and he thus came to live with us at SAMABHAVA.

Goodboy at Palace Grounds


Status as of Today:

Goodboy was in the company of some very well- taken care of horses at our Hoof-Advisor’s premises in Palace Grounds. On 18th May, 2013, Goodboy began showing signs of Colic. He was aggressively treated for the same. On 24th May, 2013, Goodboy breathed his last.

Goodboy was one of the friendliest horses one could encounter. Along with his own species, he was extremely affectionate and good to human beings as well, hence the name ‘Goodboy’.

Good boy with Toby





Goodboy was sponsored by Rohan Raman & Aditi Ravichander. They continue to donate; and help SAMABHAVA in several ways.

Good boy with all his Equine friends