Zuma's Story

  Zuma's Story


Zuma’s Story

‘Zuma’, came to us as a foal. He lost his mother when he was 7 months old. He was tied by his first caretakers throughout the day.


Zuma was later sold to another caretaker while he was running a high fever. The new caretaker was determined to save Zuma’s life and wasn’t keen on ‘Zuma’ being a working animal after what he went through.


 Zuma being examined by a vet when he was a foal


We then sought help from our well-wishers; one of whom was ready to pay a nominal sum to buy Zuma. Our volunteer and well-wisher networked with her friends to find Zuma a farm house. Zuma lived at Rare Earth Farm for a while until he was moved to an Animal Shelter.


                             Zuma at Krupa                  


Zuma with Survivor



Status as of today: Extremely ‘naughty’, needs to be trained in some amount of discipline, but enjoying his stint at Krupa Loving Animals in the company of 6 other equines. He is being treated for a skin condition he has had since he was a foal. He has also developed calcification on his skull recently. We are treating him by including the necessary nutrients in his diet.   


Sponsors: ‘Zuma’ is sponsored by Anupama Rammohan and Arvind & Rashmi Khungar, Bangalore.