Survivor's Story

  Survivor's Story



Survivor’s Story

“Survivor”, our first rescue, was accidently electrocuted by a transformer on the streets of Goripalya. His Caretaker alarmed us about his condition.

We followed up with emergency first aid. After a couple of weeks, he was admitted to an animal welfare organization in the city. 


Survivor with Zuma

Survivor is special as he was our first ever rescue and adoption under Project Atonement. He is almost 10 years old, and despite the fact that he is in the company of ponies his age and even older; he remains the dominant pack leader! He was named ‘Survivor’ owing to the near-fatal electrocution that he survived.

                           Survivor with Basava        





Status as of today:Survivor’ now lives in Krupa Loving Animals (An animal shelter at Kengeri, Bangalore) in the company of six other adopted ponies.


Sponsors: ‘Survivor’ is sponsored by our well-wisher Bishwaksen Bandhopadhyay, Hyderabad.