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  Our Adopted Animals


Since our inception, we have adopted 22 equines (horses and ponies). Out of these 22, 15 are with us today.

Please click on their names to know their stories... (Please visit our facebook page for the latest updates)

Survivor (Sponsored) Zuma (Sponsored) Goodboy (Deceased)
Ganesha (Sponsored) Badhadur (Deceased) Basava (Sponsored)
Sultan (Sponsored) Parinda (Deceased) Biscuit (Deceased)
Bronco (Sponsored) Toby (Sponsored) Peppermint (Sponsor me)
Bangalore (Sponsor me) Westend (Deceased) Bell (Sponsored)
Yolo (Sponsored) Senator (Sponsored) Puttani (Sponsor me)
Ajuba (Sponsor me) Ramu (Sponsored) BigGuy (Deceased)
Optimus (Deceased)