Valid XHTML 1.1 Philip Wollen, one of world’s most influential philanthropists, winner of the 2007 Australian of the Year (Victoria) award renders support to our NGO through his organisation Winsome Constance Kindness Trust – WKCT (http://www.kindnesstrust.com/). WKCT funds a large number of NGOs around the world, focussing attention on children, animals and the environment. Their main objective is to live a healthy, sustainable Ahimsan lifestyle, where no violence was inflicted on any living being. Living the ethical life of Ahimsa means that no living being is tortured, killed or abused.

Interestingly, Philip was born in Bangalore and spent many years of his childhood in the city, before leaving for Australia.

WKCT’s donation will be used for numerous mini-projects of the SAMABHAVA, ranging from Field Visits to rescue and adoption of equines. The said donation was made in December 2010, but we only received the permission to utilise this donation after due inspection of our NGO, followed by other bureaucratic procedures as part of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 – all of which made us wait for 14 long months!

The Happy Donkey Sanctuary sponsors a field visit each month.

The Plus Trust (Bangalore, Hyderabad) covers all expenses related to trainings.