May I help you?

  May I help you?


Making the Connection wing of SAMABHAVA works towards the cause of promoting a healthy, environment friendly and compassionate lifestyle.

We conduct presentation sessions at colleges describing the key factors for climate change, healthy food-habits and compassionate lifestyle, and how all these are linked together. The sessions are interactive and we encourage the students to come forward with their queries. It provides students a deeper understanding of health, environment and animal suffering, and enables them to make informed choices.

We welcome requests for meeting and explaining to a single person or group of people about the leading causes of environmental degradation, animal suffering, health, and veganism, and how every single person can contribute towards significantly minimizing impact to environment and reducing/eliminating animal suffering, while at the same time improving their own health.

For those who need assistance or moral support to pursue the path of veganism, or support during the transition process (for example, alternative to dairy products in market), we provide all possible help in our capacity, including continuous follow-up.

We request you to provide us an opportunity to present facts and scientific data associated with these issues. We will meet you or your group, formally or informally as per your requirement, and would love to spend time with you!

Being a vegan is easier than ever. In Bangalore, we have plenty of vegan options including plant based milks, curds, cheese, butter, egg and meat substitutes, footwear, garments, winter-wear, etc. Please join the Vegan Bangalore facebook group for assistance.

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