Owing to several factors such as finance, logistics, manpower and other details thereof, SAMABHAVA is currently concentrating on the working equines (horses, ponies etc.) of the city. However, the dream of SAMABHAVA can only be fully realised when it conceives and implements projects meant for all species of working animals, i.e. bulls or oxes, who are also used in transporting goods by poor communities. 

As briefly mentioned in our homepage, our mission does not stop at rendering mere heath care services from time to time. Educating the owner about the merits and demerits of certain practices, engaging with government establishments and private individuals/institutions to make arrangements for logistics and tools required for the well-being of a working animal are just some of the approaches that SAMABHAVA would tread upon to reach its goal.

However, it must be taken into account that the organisation, by no means, would entertain further use of animals in the transport sector of Bangalore and in other places where it operates. We would, under no circumstance, play a role to increase the number of working animals; we do not believe animals should be used to perform our labour - ideally. On the contrary, we would even look at providing alternative employment options to the owners of a horse, pony, donkey or bull. This is a long-drawn approach and is dependent on several other factors. Only time will tell, how successful we are in changing practices adopted by people over centuries. That said, in principle, we would be driving this initiative nevertheless.

An NGO can only claim to be successful with a specific project in a given area when it discovers that there is no absolute reason for it to continue its operations after a few years. This is what we aim at. We might extend our operations in areas that need us, but we are committed to bringing our involvement in a specific area to a halt when we are convinced that the caretakers are now equipped with all welfarism concepts, and they would continue ‘our’ work for their own interest as well as that of their ‘bread-winner’.

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