Our Support

  Our Support




    Rudraprathap Singh

Rudra Pratap Singh, our well-wisher and Hoof Care and Farriery advisor; has been our constant supporter. He has generously allowed us to utilize his premises for Project Atonement. At present, four of our adopted equines are sheltered in his premises.

Dr. Ismail Jawad

Dr. Ismail, a veterinarian by profession, has been helping us voluntarily in several emergency cases as well as field visits. He is always available for any equine related query and attends to our cases most of the time. Dr. Ismail also helps us with his monetary donations from time to time. 

Krupa Loving Animals

Krupa Loving Animals (an animal welfare organization at Kengeri Satellite Town) has provided us about half an acre of land for our Project ‘Atonement’.  Mr. Champalal Jain, the prime trustee, has been extremely kind in offering us space at Krupa where seven of our animals live contently. Teknath, the main caretaker of Krupa, works tirelessly to ensure that our equines are healthy and happy. He does this in addition to his pre-existing duties towards the other animals at Krupa.

Arvind and Rashmi Khungar

Arvind and Rashmi Khungar have been extremely helpful by offering part of their farm space (named Rare Earth Farm) off Kanakapura Road for nine of our ponies. At present, two of our ponies live there. 

Mr. Bernard Duvernay

Dr. Bernard Duvernay; a Swiss farriery expert comes down to Bangalore every six months and offers us his hands-on consultancy. He accompanies us on farriery field visits in prime areas of Bangalore; where working equines are found. 

Dr. Akruti Choksi

Dr. Akruti Choksi, a dentist who specializes in Equine Dentistry has helped us with the Dental Health of our Adopted ponies. She has visited all the places where our equines are sheltered to conduct a routine checkup for our adopted Equines. 

We would not be in a position to take care of 13 animals, if not for our permanent sponsors. They have been instrumental in our aim to maintain a natural, free and healthy life for our equines. 

Milesh Kumar, Rohan Raman, Deanna Widner, Nirupa Rao, Samyukta Lakshmi and Aditya Gurudev Urs; Deepak Nainini, Sandhya Acharya and Ravi Prakash, Philip and Trix Woollen and Wido and Trixi Menhardt are among our permanent sponsors/donors.