SAMABHAVA was born as a result of the common vision shared by the below mentioned individuals.

Sandesh Raju

Sandesh is a Founder Trustee and Managing Trustee of SAMABHAVA. Apart, from fulfilling the day- to-day duties of the Trust, Sandesh is also in charge of the Working animal welfare wing. He also  handles legal affairs and campaigning.  

A vegan since 2002, Sandesh has been active in the field of animal welfare for close to a decade now. His activism reached its peak when he was associated with the Blue Cross of Hyderabad (BCH) for three years. While he served the BCH as an Honorary Secretary for two years, he also had the opportunity to represent the BCH at AWBI as a member in 2005. By profession, he is a freelance French translator.

With some spare time on hand, he likes to watch a game of football, listen to old Kannada and Hindi songs, read about history and visit a heritage place once in a while. On a day to day basis, he simply loves reading newspapers.

Arun Rangasamy

Arun is a Founder Trustee and the Treasurer of Samavhava.

He finished his PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 2011. A vegan since September 2007, he enjoys running, strength training, and cooking. He has won prizes in the college-level running races, and finished inside the top 100 in the TCS World 10K 2013 run. He loves to sport tees with vegan messages during work outs, hoping that people realize that good health is one of the greatest assets of a vegan lifestyle. He has rescued some small animals (cats, dogs, crows) in his college days. Very few activities give him so much satisfaction as impressing his friends and relatives with scrumptious vegan dishes.