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Samabhava receives Certification under Section 80G

Dear Donors & Supporters,

We have received certification under 80G of the Income Tax act on 2nd May, 2012. Henceforth, all donors of our NGO can claim exemption from Income Tax. It’s been a long ‘bureaucratic’ journey since the last few months leading to this certification, but we are extremely happy that we have finally obtained this certification without further delay.

Thank you all for supporting our organisation in difficult times. We really do not know how to express our gratitude for each rupee of donation we have received since our inception in June 2010.

We would like to thank our Chartered Accountant M/s Rajagopal & Badrinarayan (Bangalore) for helping us with all the paperwork voluntarily.

Our 80-G ID: DIT(E)BLR/80G/30/AAJTS7220D/ITO(E)-3/Vol 2012-2013.

Parinda - Our eighth Rescued and Adopted Pony

‘Parinda*”, a seven year old pony with a major spinal cord injury is our latest adopted pony. The extent of the injury on his spinal cord is so grave that he was unable to stand by himself for a few days following an accident (we were told that a buffalo attacked him). He is under our care since 29th April, and we are closely monitoring his situation on a daily basis.

*Parinda (of Urdu origin) means “Bird” in English.

Here’s the background: Parinda, a lame pony wandering around the streets of Banashankari and later taken care of by a horse person, met with an accident on 18th April. Samabhava was informed about this, following which we went to check on this pony a couple of days later. We first met this pony on 22nd April. Unable to make immediate shelter arrangements for him, we requested the caretaker to feed this animal for another week on your behalf. On 29th morning, we shifted him to Palace grounds, where we have two of our other Project Atonement ponies - Good Boy and Sultan. Two days into our care, and he is showing gradual signs of improvement. Kindly check on all the photos of this album - each photo has a small description attached to it.

‘Parinda’ would not be part of our Project Atonement if not for the help offered by:

Rudra Pratap Singh, who has whole-heartedly allowed us to have yet another pony at his premises);

Dr. Ismail Jawad our volunteer veterinarian whom we have kept rather busy since the last few months :-) ;

And finally, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to The Happy Donkey Sanctuary which has come forward to cover the maintenance expenses of ‘Parinda’ for life. The Happy Donkey has been our regular donor since the last one year, and has covered one field visit each month apart from helping us buy some minor equine related tools.

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Thank you, Donors!

We would like to thank Ashwini Anil for her recent donation.
Would like to thank our volunteer veterinarian Dr. Ismail Jawad for sponsoring a field visit. Thank you Ismail for supporting our NGO on all the fronts.

Goodbye, Dr.Gururaj!

The State's Animal Husbandry Department's sudden decision to call all 2nd year MVsc students to report to work immediately in various dispensaries in the state has cost us our Veterinarian Dr. Gurrraj Perur (besides delaying their completion of their MVsc course). We are now in search of a veterinarian, and till the time we spot one, our field work takes a back seat unfortunately.

We wish Dr. Gururaj all the very best in his new assignment at Hethur, Sakleshpura, Hassan, Karnataka. His absence is indeed a great loss of our NGO.

Status of 80G Application

We have carried out all procedures for obtaining an 80G (Income Tax exemption for donors) certificate and have recently submitted our application to the IT department. We expect the latter to be awarded to us within four months or so. Fingers crossed in view of some unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles that the NGO had to face recently.

Video of Sultan

Sultan, a pony with Founders (a devastating hoof disease), was abandoned on busy Bangalore street about a year ago. We do not enough background information on him, but concur that he probably wasn't looked after well by his previous owners.

When we spotted him, we were utterly shocked to see Sultan’s movements and gait. Not only could he balance himself well, but he would tend to stumble every three steps he takes. The manner in which his forelimbs were positioned could be compared to people walking with high heels at all times on all types of terrain.

Surely, an animal who has played his little role in helping Bangalore's economy does not deserve to live a painful life on the streets. He is our 7th Adopted pony under our Project Atonement.

After being in our care for fifteen days, Sultan is doing much better now – as evidenced in the video.

Sultan would have never reached this stage if not the support of two of our very important supporters.

Rudrapratap Singh, our Advisor for Hoofcare and Farriery, who burnt the midnight oil to meticulously observe Sultan's movements, and subsequently come up with the plan of action for his treatment. Rudrapratap is the nephew of the present Scion of the Mysore Royal Family. Rudrapratap’s farrier, Chand Pasha, has also contributed to his recovery.

And, Sandhya Acharya, who, upon hearing Sultan's inclusion to our Project Atonement, immediately agreed to sponsor the maintenance expenses of Sultan.

Here is our updated video of Sultan


Pony with Obstructive Colic Succesfully Treated

On 26th October, around 10: 30, Samabhava received a call from one of the caretakers who complained about the bloating of his pony’s stomach. Our Managing Trustee immediately reached the spot and took stock of things. With guidance from our volunteer veterinarian Dr. Ismail Jawad, all the required medications were provided to this animal – till the wee hours of the following day.

On 27th October, our veterinarian Dr. Gururaj paid a visit to check on the condition of this animal. We discovered that the pony had actually discharged a huge phytobezoar through its rectum (see photos), which was the main trigger for the intestinal obstruction. The pony is out of danger now, and we have provided some maintenance tips to the caretaker concerned.

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Colic Pony

On 5th October we received a call from a caretaker close to us. He briefed us about the condition (colic) of a pony belonging to another caretaker (with whom we never had any association till date). Our Managing Trustee immediately reached the spot, and in conjunction with our veterinarian, administered the required first-aid measures.

The pony seemed to regain normalcy, but we received another call on 6th morning. Our volunteer veterinarian coordinated with the caretaker and provided the required medications, but asserted that the prognosis was guarded.

The pony was out of pain following the treatment on 6th and 7th October. However, we once again learn about its serious condition on 8th Morning. The Managing Trustee and our veterinarian Gururaj reached the spot immediately, and informed the caretaker that the prognosis was indeed poor. We administered some medications to mask the pain. A few hours after the treatment, the pony breathed its last breath peacefully.

It was a case of Gas colic with bloated abdomen bilateral, with endotoximia having set. The possible reason is the consumption of maize, which was fed to it by a passer-by a few days ago. The pony did not know when to stop consuming the new high-fat feed.


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Badhadur passes away

On 4th October, 2011, our 5th rescued and adopted pony Bahadur passed away. Upon investigation, and in the absence of any credible evidence of an unnatural/accidental death, we incur he died a natural death owing to his old age. He was 26 years old. May his soul rest in peace.

We wish to thank Biswhwaksen Bandopadhyay for having adopted him.


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Pony Stabbed

A pony belonging to the Goripalya area suffered a deep cut on its left haunch (upper thigh) on 4th September, 2011. The Samabhava team arrived to the spot a few hours later, and discovered that a resident of Goripalya, following an altercation with one of the caretakers of the same area, took a knife and started to poke and slice one of the ponies (as well as freed the other ponies, which were tied to next to a railway track). We administered the required medications, and since then have kept track of the healing of the wound.

A case was lodged against the culprit the same day by a group of caretakers, and he is languishing behind bars at the Goripalya Police Station for the heinous crime he has committed.


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Basava finds Sponsors

Special thanks to Deanna Widner for having adopted Basava for April-June 2012; Our well-wishers Rachel Schreibmann from Finland, Deanna Widner, Pepa Vegana-Sujoy Dsouza, Rakesh Prabal Kumar and Shreyas Jayakumar had adopted ‘Basava’ for March 2012, January 2012, December, November, and October 2011, respectively. Thank you all. (Please check this link for more information).


Prajavani's Coverage of Samabhava Function

A well-written article on our annual event appeared in Prajavani (a Kannada Daily from the publishers of Deccan Herald). The author, Ramesh, briefly covers Amala Akkineni’s speech. The below points of Amala Akkineni's speech was covered by Ramesh: Basic rights of animals, roots of Animal Welfare Board of India, its role, and the efforts for making the Prevention of Cruelty Act (PCA) stronger, suffering of animals in factory farms, in circuses and transportation, environmental destruction by the factory farms, etc, There were a couple of lines on Samabhava as well.



Labrador Treated

Posting this in case he was'nt abondonned and his owner is searching for it.

This young Labrador puppy was brought to Krupa on 28th Sep 2011 with a major femur fracture and spinal cord injury. It was apparently found near Nagarbhavi by a few personnel of an office nearby. Not knowing whose dog it was, they gave it shelter in its office for a couple of days before bringing it to Krupa last Tuesday.

We got him admitted to the Cupa R T Nagar Hospital, where he underwent a successful surgery on the femur bone. At present he is at Krupa. If you happen to hear about people looking for their lost lab ‘dog’, kindly apprise the Managing Trustee of the same.

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Update on Shed Construction

Our pony shed project at Krupa Animal welfare organisation is nearing completion. We have 6 compartments measuring 14 feet by 9 feet, which can accommodate 6 ponies/horses. Of course, our adopted ponies (Survivor, Bahadur and Basava) will be put in their 'homes' at night and during extreme weather conditions.

While the Plus Trust (Bangalore, Hyderabad) has covered the expenses of the shed, Anjali Powar Haridass has sponsored the fencing expense.

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Basava: A Pony for Adoption

We recently received a call about a lame pony, wandering around the streets of Basavanagudi amidst traffic and chaos, from one of the Trustees of Krupa Animal Welfare organisation. Our Managing Trustee reached the spot immediately to assess the situation of this pony.

Contrary to our initial presumption of colic in the pony, we discovered that it's a case of ankolysis of its front right knee bone (the bone movement is severely restricted). We still do not have enough information about the history of the animal and its caretaker. This animal, which has helped the economic activities of Bangalore, for many years, surely does not deserve such a life. He certainly deserved to be a beneficiary under our project 'Atonement'. We named him ‘Basava’ simply because we found him on the streets of Basavanagudi (South Bangalore).

We are now looking for someone to adopt this pony. For a sponsorship amount of INR 3500 per month, you will cover all the maintenance expenses. Besides, the sponsor can meet this pony (and his friends) on Sunday evenings in coordination with the Managing Trustee. Kindly spread the word around.

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Samabhava's Financial Statement

True to its commitment to ‘Transparency first’, Samabhava made its financial statement of the financial year 2010-2011 public during the recently held annual function on 17th September, 2011. Please check our audited statement here.


Our Annual Function

As we recently completed 1 year of our working animal welfare activities, we held a small function involving our donors, supporters and well-wishers. Smt. Amala Akkineni, former dancer and actress and well-known animal rights/welfare campaigner, as well as the founder of Blue Cross of Hyderabad graced the occasion as the chief guest. Amala was impressed with the work undertaken by Samabhava and requested the audience to support them in their initiatives. The evening before the gathering, Amala along with Sandesh Raju visited one of the commercial centres at Bangalore, where ponies are made to work. She also visited Krupa Loving Animals, (a No-Kill Animal Welfare Organisation), where two of our ponies are sheltered. Following the conclusion of the event, Amala along with Sandesh Raju met Rudra Pratap Singh at Palace Grounds.

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Project Atonement

‘Project Atonement’ is the name given to our rescue & adoption activities.

Till date, we have rescued & adopted 4 ponies & 1 horse.

Definition of ‘Atonement’ (derived from the word ‘at one’: “Reparation for a wrong or injury”, “Repaying the debt”, etc.

Mission Statement:

  1. To work for those who have been made to work all their lives for us
  2. To help those who have helped us all their lives
  3. To compensate those which have been exploited and abandoned
  4. To make amends for the injustice meted out to those who have done us nothing but good


As our infrastructure and logistics is zero, we depend on third-parties who give us space to shelter our adopted animals. We would like to reiterate our thanks to Krupa Loving Animals (an animal welfare NGO), Rudrapratap Singh & Arvind and Rashmi Khungar for being host to our adopted animals.


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